Refused to be Marked down!


I love to shop, especially when I catch a BOGO (buy one, get one) sale! Have you ever noticed that the fine print usually says something like “applies to items of equal or LESSER value”?

We often apply the BOGO concept to our lives.  We settle into comfortable places instead of our designed destinations. We accept what we are given, what we are told, rather than wait until we can have what we want, the way we want it.  We don’t demand the best, we accept “items” of lesser value.

How do we shake off this BOGO mentality and move towards getting exactly what we have been designed to received?

  1. NO FEAR!  We are all guilty of making decisions, evaluating options and holding on to things designed to be let go of because we are afraid that this is the best I will get. Wrong! You can not be successful when you operate from fear.
  2. LET GO!  Release that person or thing or situation and know that when you release with love, you will receive their equivalent or better, EVERYTIME.  When we can release those things we no longer need, we make room to receive exactly what we need.  Release with love and believe that better will show up.
  3. NEVER SETTLE!  Good is the enemy of best.  We get stuck in the good enough syndrome.  NO MORE good enough….Nothing less then your BEST is good enough. As the saying goes  “I won’t rest until my Good is better and my better is best.”

Today refuse to be marked down! Don’t accept items of lesser value! Repeat after me, “Only the best for me will do.” Sales are great for shoes, not souls!  Read more here:6 Things that are in the way of you doing your Thing



2 thoughts on “Refused to be Marked down!

  1. This is an on time ingenous word. Thank you for being obediant and sharing your gifts with the rest of the world.
    Love you. #yourock #brilliantread


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