My love poem


I love him because he loved me first.

I’m easy to love when everything is going right, but He loved me at my lowest, when everything was going wrong.

He loved me when my independent woman, doing it on her own super cape failed me.

He saw me, I mean really saw me…the ugly, vulnerable, insecure, damaged me and he LOVED me.

He could care less about my job, my income, the car I drive, or my social status.

He doesn’t care about what I can do for him.

He doesn’t love me because of any of those things.

He loves me in spite of my love for those things.

He whispered to me, you are enough just you, just as you are.  Those things don’t make you beautiful, they don’t determine your worth and I will love you even when those things pass away.

When loneliness and despair hits, and fear whispers He will leave because I’m not perfect enough. He says, I’m not going anywhere.

When I act out and try to push him away, he refused to leave my side.

When I walk away and do things to hurt Him, because I don’t believe I deserve this type of love and I know that I’m unable to love him back this unselfishly…He patiently, lovingly, and firmly told me to stop testing the boundaries of His love, because there were no boundaries.

I love you in spite of you.

So I love Him in my imperfect, flawed, selfish way and He says that is all I every wanted and it’s enough.


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