Ode to the one who ran away.

Why do you treat me so sweetly and then dismiss me completely?  


See I understand a man who just wants to hit

They walk through the door already on some bullshit.

They come with a goal to smash and dash once they get that ass.

Yeah that type of man I understand.


But you are a different type of man.  

You touched my soul.

You wanted to know what makes me lose control.  

You wanted to know what made me cry  

And what made me strong,  

You wanted to know who did me right,

And who did me wrong.


You acted as if you actually gave a damn.

I mean sure you came with a warning,  

You weren’t all the way available because you had been hurt before,

You had t0 honor some man code, but

You wanted to take it slow to see how things would grow. 


You told me to just be me, and maybe we could see,

But was that the exact reason you ran away from me?


You can not make love to me mentally,

Snatch my soul kind of spiritual love-making,

That hold me tight all through the night type of adoration

Without one attempt at penetration.


You can’t make me believe in my fantasies,

Give me a taste of Paradise,

And then straight ghost on me.

Hell yeah I am acting crazy.


I can see what you could possibly be to me,

How you could fulfill my needs,

I wanted you more than anything,

Wanted that fantasy to become a reality.

But you ran away from the beauty of what could be….

You Ghosted Me.


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