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How to Host a Vision Board Party 

So you want to throw a Vision Board Party Huh?

Well first you and your guests will need to do some prep work before the party. I suggest that you start prep work at least 2-3 weeks before the party.

  1. Start by identifying your goals. Think about your goals prior to the event, make an uncensored list of them.  You can edit the list later. This is to get your mind focused on what you want your goals to be.
  2. Begin to print and cut out images and words from magazines, Pinterest, newspapers, brochures, where ever, that represented those goals on your list.
  3. Check out the web to gather ideas on how you want your Vision board to look and mean to you.  Check out our blog on How to use a Vision Board to manifest your dreams.

Next send out your invitations to your friends.  I would keep the party small and intimate with people who you know well, trust and are like-minded if it is going to be in your home.  If you want to throw a larger party, it should be more of a networking opportunity.  Give your guest at least 3-4 weeks notice of the party.  Include in the invitation all the pertinent details your guest will need to know to show up to the party prepared.

Below is a sample that you can use that includes the list of things to bring and an agenda.

Things for you to bring:

  • Your favorite comfort food snack
  • a poster board, cork board or small canvas (Depends on the type of board you would like to make)
  • a stack of old magazines/newspapers etc. (If you do your prep work, you can identify images before hand and bring them already cutout.
  • scissors
  • glue, tape, thumbtacks or pins (Depending on the type of board you would like to make)
  • Additional Items you may want to bring (optional)
  • Construction paper (Optional)
  • a photo of yourself (optional)
  • Other images and text from artwork, old books, computer printouts, etc. (optional)
  • markers or paint or glitter Sharpies or other permanent markers (optional)
  • Ribbons or other crafty items

I will be providing additional supplies such as Magazines, markers, glue and paper.  I will also be providing wine, water, food, relaxing atmosphere, fun and support.  THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN!


Introductions and intentions

Go around the table stating your name and what you hope to achieve with your vision board.

Get to clipping!

Get to work. Clip those magazines to shreds. Lay out a general design for your board. I think it’s a good idea to put a strong image of your central intention in the center of your board.

Finish Strong!

We are gluing/tacking on everything on THAT night! Leave some white space. This gives you room to add additional images as you find them. But we will complete our boards.


Go around the room talk about our boards, speak our vision into existence and support each other.

Remember that the point of the party is to share positive energy, inspiration. support and to have fun!


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