Submit A Guest Blog

So you are interested in sharing your soul work with others!  GREAT.  Here is what we need!!!

General Post guidelines

  • We accept blogs on any topics.  Write a post with insanely useful and engaging content.  How can readers benefit from what you have to say?
  • Use examples and analogies to clarify your points.
  • Offer fresh content that has not been published before.
  • Ensure that your post does not violate any copyright laws.
  • Minimum post length is 100 words or more. Authors should submit a related image with their post.  The image must be properly licensed and attributed to be used on the blog.
  • Author can have a maximum of two links in their author bio at the end (Maximum of 40 words or less). Examples would be linking to your blog and a product of yours that is offered free.
  • If your post does not follow the guidelines, you may not receive a response from us
  • Have a catchy title, an interesting introduction  and a clever conclusion that attracts interest.
  • Use headings, subheadings, bold font for key sentences and bulleted lists so it is easy to read.
  • Have links to at least 2 posts already published on B.E.L.I.E.V.E.

How to contact us

Please send an email  Use the Subject line Guest Post and your Name.

  • Tell us briefly who you are.
  • State the title of your proposed post.
  • Outline the topic with bullet points.
  • Include 1 or 2 links to  B.E.L.I.E.V.E articles that you will use to supplement your points.
  • Tell us how our readers would benefit from your post.
  • Add a couple of links to your best posts.

The process

We will contact you via email on our decision to use your content.  Once we’ve accepted your post proposal, please set up your post as a Google doc on Google drive and share the post Please don’t be upset if we recommend some changes–we want your post to be successful. The post may be edited for greater clarity, grammar, punctuation etc.

Thanks you for your time and interest in being a guest blogger for us.

Note: We retain the copyright of all material published on B.E.L.I.E.V.E blog. A guest poster cannot republish their guest post elsewhere with the exception of their own website.